Words of support

“Great work! Excited to learn about this initiative!”

“Go Carbon Free Energy!”

“Go Palo Alto!”

“Great ambitions! Would love to see this come to fruition. Keep up the good work :)”

“Best of luck – other cities will be watching what you are doing and following your lead”

“I hope to see more solar panels on the roof tops of Palo Alto next time I visit your great city. Everyone needs to be involved in the paradigm shift needed to save us from ourselves!”

“Go for it!”

“You may not accept “global warming” but certainly it is clear that we are going through a period of ‘climate change’. If there are things we can do to ameliorate this condition, we should try to.”

“Thank you for spearheading this action.”

“Let’s be a leader in a carbon free community!”

“My family fully supports the Carbon-Neutral proposal of Palo Alto Utilities.”

At the EV Week 2013 event in Palo Alto on Sept. 25, Mayor Greg Scharff issued a proclamation which starts with:

“WHEREAS, Palo Alto Carbon Neutral Electricity portfolio makes our city one of the greenest cities in America with one of the highest concentrations of electric vehicle ownership in the nation,

WHEREAS, Palo Alto encourages the use of electric vehicles along with other sustainable
technologies to meet its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 60 percent in 10 years, ”


We’re very pleased that the mayor is reflecting our goals!

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