Reasons to support carbon-free energy for Palo Alto

  1. The City of Palo Alto Utilities is owned by the City of Palo Alto, which means that ultimately Palo Alto residents get to call the shots!
  2. Compared to the realistic options for dramatically reducing Palo Alto’s carbon footprint, changing to carbon-free electricity has the greatest potential for large reductions in carbon emissions at the least cost. Palo Alto’s carbon footprint was cut by almost 20% by decarbonizing electricity!
  3. Carbon-free electricity can now be used to decarbonize the other 80% of our energy used in transporation, heating and cooling.
  4. Reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation sector (about 36% in Palo Alto) will require increased electrification. The greatest reduction in carbon emissions will occur if transportation uses carbon-free electricity.
  5. Continued reliance on brown energy is likely to become increasingly expensive, with larger price volatility compared to green energy.
  6. Future carbon emissions are very likely to have an additional cost through taxes or other measures.
  7. Palo Alto’s adoption of carbon free energy will make it an environmental leader in the endeavor to curb climate change.

Non-Palo Alto residents should not hesitate to lend their support as well, since the impact of Palo Alto moving to carbon-free energy will influence customers of other publicly owned utilities.

Read our opinion piece on fuel switching to carbon free electricity

Read our Citizen’s Policy Brief on Carbon Free Electricity:

Decarbonizing the Palo Alto Electricity Supply – A Citizen’s Policy Brief (.pdf)

See the FAQ page for a more detailed look at the advantages.

Count me in as a supporter of carbon-free electricity for Palo Alto. Want to do more? Be sure to indicate your interest on the sign up form, and we’ll be in touch.

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