CFPA has continued to dialog with City staff, City Council, the Utility Advisory Commission and members of the community.  We’ve presented numerous policy proposals designed to put Palo Alto on track for meeting their ambitious goal of an 80% reduction of GHG levels by 2030 (80/30).

Palo Alto’s Climate Action Plan

Palo Alto has a comprehensive Climate Action Plan to decarbonize our community by 80% by 2030. A set of high level climate-focused strategies forms the plan’s backbone. CFPA’s summary augments the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S/CAP) report and is intended to be a concise statement of the strategies to be shared across the City Staff, Council, and the Community at large.

Check out our Summary of Palo Alto’s Climate Action plan (PDF).

BE Smart

CFPA proposes BE Smart to electric utilities and CCE’s as a means to achieve the mass electrification of existing residential buildings over the next 10 to 20 years. Installing electric devices instead of their natural gas equivalents must be made the easy, affordable and default choice for building owners and renters if we are to meet our GHG reduction goals and stop further investment in soon to be stranded natural gas fueled assets.

For more information about BE Smart – access this BE Smart slide deck (PDF).

The Challenge of Mass Beneficial Electrification

Slides from a November 2021 presentation by founder Bruce Hodge on Mass Beneficial Electrification

Mass Beneficial Electrification. (PDF)

Rewiring America

An excellent resource for understanding how we can fix the climate by electrifying is this: 

Rewiring America Handbook. (PDF)

Watch the Rewiring America video on YouTube

Watt Diet Calculator

The Watt Diet is an approach to electrification that focuses on reducing grid capacity issues.

Check out the Watt Diet Calculator!

Design Guidelines for Home Electrification

Peninsula Clean Energy has recently published a fantastic guide to home electrification.

Check out Design Guidelines for Home Electrification! (PDF)

Count me in!

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